Eat at Joe’s

I’m sure you’ve all seen a “Where the Hell is Wall Drug” bumper sticker or any of the other famous souvenirs that now claim fame. One that we have come across are shirt from a place called Eskimo Joe’s; first catching my eye because they are from Stillwater. When I first saw one I thought it said Stillwater, MN on it and was so excited to meet someone familiar with Minnesota. I was corrected, but started to see them more often. So when Stillwater, OK was added as a stop I knew we must visit the famous Eskimo Joe’s.  We don’t usually visit famous food venues, neither of us are burger joint fans.  But what else is going down a Tuesday in rural Oklahoma.

They are “famous” for cheese fries and I have to admit they were pretty good.  Possibly the best cheese fries I’ve had, not that I have had many.  The restaurant itself was pretty fun, they have expanded throughout the years so the building is sort of a crazy maze.  I’m sure that new wait staff get lost a few times.  We did have fun and took some time to stop by the gift shop but I just am not sure I need an Eskimo Joe’s shirt.

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