Wordless Wednesday

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Hey Lil Sis!
    Too bad you wont by San Antonio next week!! I would love to see you again!! Dont worry I am getting a haircut 2 dyas before I leave so I wont die in the heat!! bol

    wags and love

  2. Hello There Pippi and Hoomans

    It is strange to think that girls should have beards and moustaches – at least we Scottish Terrier Girls do. My beard grows to burgandy at the ends and Hector’s is speckled with bits of brindle, Lucy has yet to grow hers and it looks very strange. I don’t like having my beard brushed – but put up with it for a treat!

    Wiggles and Waggles
    Your Scottie Pal, Bonny!

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