Enjoying Our Eats

While we have made an effort in 2015 to change our diets a little, cooking in kitchenettes more and choosing the deli at a grocery store, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy a good meal out.  There are a few restaurants that we frequent, pretend to be "regulars".  Ahhh, being a regular, as an adult... Continue Reading →

No More Cold Butter

How many times have you been out to dinner and after eyeing the delicious display of breads you give into your carbo craving only to find the butter pats are frozen! Doesn't matter how nice the restaurant is; 9 times out of 10 time I find frozen butter on my table. Who are these consumers... Continue Reading →

Eat at Joe’s

I'm sure you've all seen a "Where the Hell is Wall Drug" bumper sticker or any of the other famous souvenirs that now claim fame. One that we have come across are shirt from a place called Eskimo Joe's; first catching my eye because they are from Stillwater. When I first saw one I thought... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Beef

This post comes via suggestion from TonyEsquire, last week I put out a cry for help. What should I write about, not too much going on out here in travel world. His inquiry was about how we find good food when traveling. The timing of this couldn't better, our friends over at GoPetFriendly.com just posted... Continue Reading →

Boston Bound

Tomorrow begins a long leg of travel for us, pretty much till Christmas. We will be hitting Boston, Virgina, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and Illinois. However I am most excited about Boston. Not necessarily for the history but for the food. Ya'll know I like to eat and the best part about this job is the... Continue Reading →

Power Through It

A result of my laptop crashing was that a new operating system had to be installed and all of my software. As you can guess the "new" operating system has hiccups. Parts of the laptop no longer work, programs don't install right and I don't have disks with me. So I lost photoshop, I am... Continue Reading →

Eat Till You Pop

After playing in the green lush of the Western United States, Josh booked it back to Allentown, PA. Now that was over a week ago but I forgot to post about the food we had there. On the recommendation of our sponsor we hit a few local places that were all amazing.Amazon Cafe - if... Continue Reading →

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