Enjoying Our Eats

While we have made an effort in 2015 to change our diets a little, cooking in kitchenettes more and choosing the deli at a grocery store, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good meal out.  There are a few restaurants that we frequent, pretend to be “regulars”.  Ahhh, being a regular, as an adult I have not had that place.  The bar or restaurants where you know the staff and it is relaxing just to slide into a favorite booth.  When we lived in the Twin Cities we were broke!  While there was a rugby bar, it was not a place I would have chosen to drink at had they not been such good supporters of Josh’s rugby club.


Having this place was something I wanted, thought I would find in the city we settled in.  I’m sure we would have if we had settled for longer than six years.  While I don’t miss the domesticity or a home I do know that we are missing out on some things.  I know that many people who travel like we do tend to love things like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.  Everything tastes that same, it smells the same, and there are some days when I feel a bit in the wind that a cup of coffee is just the ticket.


There are many others that we really enjoy but here are the tops for where we don’t miss.

Husk – Chef Sean Brock took a risk opening up a very high-end Southern Cooking restaurant in the already saturated Charleston Market.  There is also one in Nashville.  The quality of food has gone down a bit in the last two years, Brock is stretching himself too thin and I’m certain will work this out soon.  I like Husk because it was one of the first “fancy” places we went after starting this job.

Deliciousness from our first Husk visit

Deliciousness from our first Husk visit

High Cotton – Thankfully there is multiple High Cottons, you can find these in North and South Carolina (so far).  While the food is good the service is always wonderful.  Each time we eat here we are made to feel like regulars, like a friend coming for dinner.



Copper Onion – This Salt Lake City find is the biggest example of how diverse Utah is.  They serve a wacky variety of cuisine.  Deviled eggs are followed but a dry aged steak, they make amazing ice tea along with serving a wide selection of local craft beer.  At one table you will find a group of dirty hipsters and the next will be a guy is a three-piece suit.  I love the food and always get a kick out of the scenery.

And shockingly there are some chains I like.

Yard House –  Alright this a crazy chain with a ton of taps and a HUGE menu.  However I like the menu and the well the beer.  We have some friends that we always meet there and it is a place to just relax.

Specialty’s – Fresh and organic, Josh and I both want to dive into the menu with both feet.

I used Yelp to find most of these places the first time, it isn’t about having the most reviews or the highest scores.  Read the reviews, read past the silly “our party of thirty had slow service” crap.


***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

No More Cold Butter

How many times have you been out to dinner and after eyeing the delicious display of breads you give into your carbo craving only to find the butter pats are frozen! Doesn’t matter how nice the restaurant is; 9 times out of 10 time I find frozen butter on my table. Who are these consumers that demand their butter chilled to point you have to chip off a piece before attempting to spread the cold blob. Have you ever heard someone at the next table berate a waiter for serving warm butter? So why!?! Why does my $100 dinner bill also include frozen butter pats?

So stand with me and shout NO MORE COLD BUTTER!!!!!

Eat at Joe’s

I’m sure you’ve all seen a “Where the Hell is Wall Drug” bumper sticker or any of the other famous souvenirs that now claim fame. One that we have come across are shirt from a place called Eskimo Joe’s; first catching my eye because they are from Stillwater. When I first saw one I thought it said Stillwater, MN on it and was so excited to meet someone familiar with Minnesota. I was corrected, but started to see them more often. So when Stillwater, OK was added as a stop I knew we must visit the famous Eskimo Joe’s.  We don’t usually visit famous food venues, neither of us are burger joint fans.  But what else is going down a Tuesday in rural Oklahoma.

They are “famous” for cheese fries and I have to admit they were pretty good.  Possibly the best cheese fries I’ve had, not that I have had many.  The restaurant itself was pretty fun, they have expanded throughout the years so the building is sort of a crazy maze.  I’m sure that new wait staff get lost a few times.  We did have fun and took some time to stop by the gift shop but I just am not sure I need an Eskimo Joe’s shirt.

The Belize Chronicles – The Eats!!!!

After the response from my first post I want everyone to know that we had a divine trip, we are very good at letting the obstacles pass in travel. True we would have stayed someplace else but it did not take away from the trip, I just want to be honest if someone finds that post while thinking about a trip to San Pedro.

So what do you fill your non-diving time with, hunting for good food maybe? It really was not the much of a hunt. Every taco shack, food stands and beach bar had killer grub. Heaven for someone whose diet is heavy on the fish. I’m a Pescatarian for those who don’t read our food blog. Fish tacos are my absolutely favorite dish; I’ve had them a million ways and want a million more.

While our resorts did not fit us well the in-house restaurant was fantastic. We dined there on four different occasions, not typical for us. Most of the “fine dining” featured fresh fish prepared in with a Caribbean flavor. So sides were rice made with coconut milk, curry and lots of fresh fruit. I was in heaven. Grouper and snapper were the most common fish in season and featured everywhere. Most days we began the morning early, I would whip up migas (a Mexican breakfast I rock at) catch the boat into town for our dives. Lunch was usually at a beach front bar, a wet lunch (wink, wink). Then back on a boat to the resort for a nap and a leisurely evening. Some nights we stayed in-house, others we tramped down the beach to other resorts. One evening we found a great curry place, unfortunately we didn’t think to bring a flashlight. Heading back in the dark I cut my feet up. Of well, mementos of a great meal.

On one of the last evenings, in a post dive glow, we parked our tails at the hotel bar. By some strange coincidence the couple next to us mentioned they were from Waco. Both Josh and I perked up right away. WACO! We were just there. Asking casually if by any chance they knew Bernie Rapoport, our tours sponsor, their eyes widened immediately. Not only do they know him but they are close friends. Just two days before one of the foundation’s board members had been down to visit our new friends. Talk about a small world! We had a lovely evening, great meeting you Sharon and Sam.

Where’s the Beef

This post comes via suggestion from TonyEsquire, last week I put out a cry for help. What should I write about, not too much going on out here in travel world. His inquiry was about how we find good food when traveling. The timing of this couldn’t better, our friends over at GoPetFriendly.com just posted about road food. Josh and I have a much different perspective and goal with our meals.

As many of you know we spend around 320 days a year traveling, nearly all of those days we eat out. Dinner for Josh and I is a unique experience, most people go out to eat to relax and spent time with a loved one. When we sit down to eat it is just dinner, however we usually use this time to recap the day and strategize. We prefer to take our time, it’s better than sitting in a hotel room. So with that said you can imagine we are always looking for the “best” place in town.

To find the best places to eat we use a few different websites. Unfortunately we no longer ask the locals for recommendations, too often they tell you the local dive where the foods cheap. Just because I arrived in a semi does not make me a truck driver or give me the appetite of one. I’m not looking for the best burger joint in town; I want the best wine cellar. One particular incident when we asked for recommendations, stating we don’t like chains was met with “we have an Olive Garden”. What we do is a little research and use apps. I will often take a few minutes on UrbanSpoon.com using their “wish list” function I can keep a little list of places I’m interested in. Josh will hit up Google map and look for places with a high number of reviews; we compare lists and go for it. Everything is not always a hit but the misses are worth it when you get a killer meal. We have found some real gems in unlikely places. Aurora Indiana is home to one of Josh’s favorite places. If you want to spend a weekend in culinary bliss without the going to a big city go to Columbus Ohio. My favorite meal to this day was at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.

The information above excludes all that crappy truck stop fat food places we have to use. Unlike being in a car or an RV we cannot just stop anywhere. If you would like to know more about our culinary adventures then follow our food blog – Dining Out With Two American Nomads

Boston Bound

Tomorrow begins a long leg of travel for us, pretty much till Christmas. We will be hitting Boston, Virgina, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and Illinois. However I am most excited about Boston. Not necessarily for the history but for the food. Ya’ll know I like to eat and the best part about this job is the amazing restaurants we get to visit. I am sure we will do a museum or two but only after an ouster bar!!!!

Power Through It

A result of my laptop crashing was that a new operating system had to be installed and all of my software. As you can guess the “new” operating system has hiccups. Parts of the laptop no longer work, programs don’t install right and I don’t have disks with me. So I lost photoshop, I am dieing without it. I am trying the free google program but it is just a temp fix.

I will learn to just deal with it now. It’s sad because boy have you all missed out on some great adventures. We spent a week on Connecticut and had some time off to explore and boy did we ever. We took a little day trip to Yale University, just enjoyed the stunning campus and weather. Had an amazing lunch at a little Turkish place. Even took some time to take a new family portrait. This will be on some Christmas cards and my Mother in Law’s wall!

Since I still don’t eat meat meals can be tough but I love sushi and so does Josh, this lead us to the most wonderful discovery. We stopped at this little place in Southington, CT call Sushi Red. Is looked like a dive but wow it was amazing. This makes my list of top meals ever!!!

It does not end there, with a little more time off a trip to Mark Twain’s home made the list. I am not a mega Twain fan but this Historic house really was fun. It is fully restored to it’s Victorian glory. I am a bit infatuated with Victorian living, I started getting Victoria Magazine as a little girl.