No More Cold Butter

How many times have you been out to dinner and after eyeing the delicious display of breads you give into your carbo craving only to find the butter pats are frozen! Doesn’t matter how nice the restaurant is; 9 times out of 10 time I find frozen butter on my table. Who are these consumers that demand their butter chilled to point you have to chip off a piece before attempting to spread the cold blob. Have you ever heard someone at the next table berate a waiter for serving warm butter? So why!?! Why does my $100 dinner bill also include frozen butter pats?

So stand with me and shout NO MORE COLD BUTTER!!!!!

3 thoughts on “No More Cold Butter

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  1. I grew up, as did most rural folks with a butter dish sitting on the kitchen counter. Never in the frig. And our household continues this to date. The butter is sitting on the kitchen counter where it belongs so the butter is spreadable when you need to use it.
    I too do not understand this crazy notion that butter needs to be sub-zero temperature. Or even cool for that matter. Why would you want to put cold butter on a nice, warm piece of bread?
    I’m standing right along side of you yelling.

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