The Weird Thing That Weirds Me Out

We all have quirks, the odd thing that just makes you uncomfortable.  I of course have a travel related one.  We stay in a hotel every night, however  many people we meet assume that we stay in the truck.  In six years I have slept in the truck once, it was awful and I plan... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask Me

You know why really grinds my gears? Being asked overly personal questions by strangers, just because my seems like your business doesn't mean it is. When someone finds out how much Josh and I travel with this job a usually reaction is a bit of shock followed by the same questions, every time. I know... Continue Reading →

No More Cold Butter

How many times have you been out to dinner and after eyeing the delicious display of breads you give into your carbo craving only to find the butter pats are frozen! Doesn't matter how nice the restaurant is; 9 times out of 10 time I find frozen butter on my table. Who are these consumers... Continue Reading →

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