Power Through It

A result of my laptop crashing was that a new operating system had to be installed and all of my software. As you can guess the “new” operating system has hiccups. Parts of the laptop no longer work, programs don’t install right and I don’t have disks with me. So I lost photoshop, I am dieing without it. I am trying the free google program but it is just a temp fix.

I will learn to just deal with it now. It’s sad because boy have you all missed out on some great adventures. We spent a week on Connecticut and had some time off to explore and boy did we ever. We took a little day trip to Yale University, just enjoyed the stunning campus and weather. Had an amazing lunch at a little Turkish place. Even took some time to take a new family portrait. This will be on some Christmas cards and my Mother in Law’s wall!

Since I still don’t eat meat meals can be tough but I love sushi and so does Josh, this lead us to the most wonderful discovery. We stopped at this little place in Southington, CT call Sushi Red. Is looked like a dive but wow it was amazing. This makes my list of top meals ever!!!

It does not end there, with a little more time off a trip to Mark Twain’s home made the list. I am not a mega Twain fan but this Historic house really was fun. It is fully restored to it’s Victorian glory. I am a bit infatuated with Victorian living, I started getting Victoria Magazine as a little girl.

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