Updates and Good Ones

Things around here are starting to look up! My laptop is back and not that it is perfect but it runs again. We lost everything, didn’t realize how much we used the favorites function. The last few weeks we have been back out on the road, the real road. Not just tramping around the Midwest, but more of that will come later.

As promised we are walking Pippi more and she is already looking better. She wants to play more and even went for a short run with me.

An update on me and I feel the coming of a huge lifestyle change. I have tendinitis in my left shoulder and it is not getting better. I am taking an anti-inflammatory using ice therapy but… the side effects are terrible. I stopped eating meat because my stomach always hurt and I was gassy. Now those same things are happening, after a little research I find that the meds cause that. Also if I am going to keep taking the meds I have to stop drinking, so no beers for Abs.

Our travels are speeding up and spreading out!

Upcoming Schedule:
Sept – Illinois, Michigan
Oct – Boston, Florida, Georgia
Please check our calendar too

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