Enjoying Our Eats

While we have made an effort in 2015 to change our diets a little, cooking in kitchenettes more and choosing the deli at a grocery store, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good meal out.  There are a few restaurants that we frequent, pretend to be “regulars”.  Ahhh, being a regular, as an adult I have not had that place.  The bar or restaurants where you know the staff and it is relaxing just to slide into a favorite booth.  When we lived in the Twin Cities we were broke!  While there was a rugby bar, it was not a place I would have chosen to drink at had they not been such good supporters of Josh’s rugby club.


Having this place was something I wanted, thought I would find in the city we settled in.  I’m sure we would have if we had settled for longer than six years.  While I don’t miss the domesticity or a home I do know that we are missing out on some things.  I know that many people who travel like we do tend to love things like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.  Everything tastes that same, it smells the same, and there are some days when I feel a bit in the wind that a cup of coffee is just the ticket.


There are many others that we really enjoy but here are the tops for where we don’t miss.

Husk – Chef Sean Brock took a risk opening up a very high-end Southern Cooking restaurant in the already saturated Charleston Market.  There is also one in Nashville.  The quality of food has gone down a bit in the last two years, Brock is stretching himself too thin and I’m certain will work this out soon.  I like Husk because it was one of the first “fancy” places we went after starting this job.

Deliciousness from our first Husk visit
Deliciousness from our first Husk visit

High Cotton – Thankfully there is multiple High Cottons, you can find these in North and South Carolina (so far).  While the food is good the service is always wonderful.  Each time we eat here we are made to feel like regulars, like a friend coming for dinner.


Copper Onion – This Salt Lake City find is the biggest example of how diverse Utah is.  They serve a wacky variety of cuisine.  Deviled eggs are followed but a dry aged steak, they make amazing ice tea along with serving a wide selection of local craft beer.  At one table you will find a group of dirty hipsters and the next will be a guy is a three-piece suit.  I love the food and always get a kick out of the scenery.

And shockingly there are some chains I like.

Yard House –  Alright this a crazy chain with a ton of taps and a HUGE menu.  However I like the menu and the well the beer.  We have some friends that we always meet there and it is a place to just relax.

Specialty’s – Fresh and organic, Josh and I both want to dive into the menu with both feet.

I used Yelp to find most of these places the first time, it isn’t about having the most reviews or the highest scores.  Read the reviews, read past the silly “our party of thirty had slow service” crap.


***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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