Where’s the Beef

This post comes via suggestion from TonyEsquire, last week I put out a cry for help. What should I write about, not too much going on out here in travel world. His inquiry was about how we find good food when traveling. The timing of this couldn’t better, our friends over at GoPetFriendly.com just posted about road food. Josh and I have a much different perspective and goal with our meals.

As many of you know we spend around 320 days a year traveling, nearly all of those days we eat out. Dinner for Josh and I is a unique experience, most people go out to eat to relax and spent time with a loved one. When we sit down to eat it is just dinner, however we usually use this time to recap the day and strategize. We prefer to take our time, it’s better than sitting in a hotel room. So with that said you can imagine we are always looking for the “best” place in town.

To find the best places to eat we use a few different websites. Unfortunately we no longer ask the locals for recommendations, too often they tell you the local dive where the foods cheap. Just because I arrived in a semi does not make me a truck driver or give me the appetite of one. I’m not looking for the best burger joint in town; I want the best wine cellar. One particular incident when we asked for recommendations, stating we don’t like chains was met with “we have an Olive Garden”. What we do is a little research and use apps. I will often take a few minutes on UrbanSpoon.com using their “wish list” function I can keep a little list of places I’m interested in. Josh will hit up Google map and look for places with a high number of reviews; we compare lists and go for it. Everything is not always a hit but the misses are worth it when you get a killer meal. We have found some real gems in unlikely places. Aurora Indiana is home to one of Josh’s favorite places. If you want to spend a weekend in culinary bliss without the going to a big city go to Columbus Ohio. My favorite meal to this day was at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.

The information above excludes all that crappy truck stop fat food places we have to use. Unlike being in a car or an RV we cannot just stop anywhere. If you would like to know more about our culinary adventures then follow our food blog – Dining Out With Two American Nomads

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! And, great suggestions on finding interesting places to eat out. Some of our best finds have been completely by luck – pizza at Fokker’s in Fort Walton Beach, Florida – an awesome sandwich place I can’t remember the name of in Lake Placid, New York – and a road-side steak house in Oakley, Kansas. The food gods have been smiling on us!

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