The Belize Chronicles – The Eats!!!!

After the response from my first post I want everyone to know that we had a divine trip, we are very good at letting the obstacles pass in travel. True we would have stayed someplace else but it did not take away from the trip, I just want to be honest if someone finds that post while thinking about a trip to San Pedro.

So what do you fill your non-diving time with, hunting for good food maybe? It really was not the much of a hunt. Every taco shack, food stands and beach bar had killer grub. Heaven for someone whose diet is heavy on the fish. I’m a Pescatarian for those who don’t read our food blog. Fish tacos are my absolutely favorite dish; I’ve had them a million ways and want a million more.

While our resorts did not fit us well the in-house restaurant was fantastic. We dined there on four different occasions, not typical for us. Most of the “fine dining” featured fresh fish prepared in with a Caribbean flavor. So sides were rice made with coconut milk, curry and lots of fresh fruit. I was in heaven. Grouper and snapper were the most common fish in season and featured everywhere. Most days we began the morning early, I would whip up migas (a Mexican breakfast I rock at) catch the boat into town for our dives. Lunch was usually at a beach front bar, a wet lunch (wink, wink). Then back on a boat to the resort for a nap and a leisurely evening. Some nights we stayed in-house, others we tramped down the beach to other resorts. One evening we found a great curry place, unfortunately we didn’t think to bring a flashlight. Heading back in the dark I cut my feet up. Of well, mementos of a great meal.

On one of the last evenings, in a post dive glow, we parked our tails at the hotel bar. By some strange coincidence the couple next to us mentioned they were from Waco. Both Josh and I perked up right away. WACO! We were just there. Asking casually if by any chance they knew Bernie Rapoport, our tours sponsor, their eyes widened immediately. Not only do they know him but they are close friends. Just two days before one of the foundation’s board members had been down to visit our new friends. Talk about a small world! We had a lovely evening, great meeting you Sharon and Sam.

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