Wordless Wednesday

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  1. What fun!! I’m a bit envious! But I hate that you weren’t happy with your resort. We’ve never used a travel agent or gone or a tour before – my hubby is such an adventurous tour guide that I doubt that we will.

  2. Cute!! Looks like fun but a bit scary to me, LOL
    Its too bad that the trip turned out like it did, but i guess thats how we learn. Don and I always have to learn things the hard way, sounds like something that would have happened to us, LOL Hey! Today is Jazzi’s 5 b-day!!


  3. hi to all of you!

    love this picture! looks like a lot of f-u-n!

    did you say you are coming out to california next week? please drop me an email, if you don’t mind, and let me know what your itenerary is. it would be dandy to meet you all!


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