The Belize Chronicles – The Resort

The best place to start might be the where, other than the basics of going to San Pedro, Belize. This was the first time we used a travel agent and will probably be the last. We had thought it would be easier to have someone coordinate this one for us. What we got was a resort better suited for vacationers with children or grandparents. We stayed at a place called Captain Morgan’s Resort, located on the north end of the island. The north end is very isolated, reachable only via boat or a toll bridge. For people who want enjoy being in the thick of things this was not a good fit, we would have to either take a water taxi or hope to catch a resort boat heading to town. The resort itself didn’t have much going on. While there was nothing wrong with our room it was not very nice. The resort charged for everything, use of the phone to call in town for example. However the restaurant was very good. We had four meals there and each was delicious. One evening we happened to meet a couple whom know our tours sponsors very well. Talk about a small world.

I can’t complain too much, we should have known better. We know what we like. Next time getting a hotel in town will suit us better. One good thing that came from the resort choice was that our dive shop was on the same pier as the hotel’s pickup.

The rest of the Belize posts will be full of happiness and bubbles, I just really didn’t like the resort or it’s location. I didn’t like most of the other guests either.

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  1. At least the diving was great 🙂 I hate using travel agents (and I have mates who are but I still don’t use them lol)

  2. I’m looking forward to your dive stories!!!! I’m so sorry you didn’t care for where you stayed. It is so hard to pick where to stay at new places. We tend to return to the places we know for fear of being sorely disappointed. The view looks lovely.

    Let me know if you come near by.

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