In My Bare Feet

If you looked at the images here before reading, you’re probably wondering why I’m taking photos of shoes. Especially since I don’t often promote products here. This isn’t really a promotion but more of an explanation, we have started going Barefoot.

I’m sure you have seen those funky shoes that go between people’s toes around, yeah I think they are weird too. However we been reading a great deal about the Barefoot running movement and the recent availability of shoes. Think super lightweight compact-able shoes. Great for someone living from a suitcase.

After finding out more about Merrell’s new Barefoot running shoes we decided to at least try them on. That task alone turned out to be a little difficult. The shoes are not widely available, it took us about three weeks to be near a dealer. Oh and what a dealer we found, this amazing outfitter in Ocala Florida. Needless to say we didn’t just get the shoes. I digress; there is also a training program for the shoes, to get you used to the unique stresses.

We diligently followed the program until the hike that we took these shots at presented itself. Five miles was a bit too long for beginners. But who cares we had a blast trying to take “product” shots.

I’ve got to share with you how much both Josh and I love our Barefoots. He wears his all the time, after wearing dress shoes all day it feels great to slip into these. I am still amazed at how good my legs and feet feel, and how enjoyable walks are. Plus they take up so little room in my suitcase, less than slippers. Now we are still in training, but if you are at all interested in going Barefoot go try the Merrell variety.

***This blog is not sponsored by or connected to Merrell/Wolverine Shoe company.  I simply believe in the product and wish to share my experiences.***

8 thoughts on “In My Bare Feet

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  1. I did not know about the Merrill’s, I’ve been wanting to try the vibram five fingers for awhile. Traditional shoes are the cause of many problems!

  2. Hadn’t heard of those, but will now investigate. sounds like just the thing for our walks.

    Great pictures……maybe they’ll use them for advertising. Pippi just adds to it.

    XXXOOO daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Hey there, we love the gloves too! Might be as crazy as you two as my wife and I, and our 6 week old son are traveling the country putting on barefoot races! Let us know if you are ever in CO or around any of our events. Keep trucking!


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