Whadda CAVE!!!

Now that we have gone fully "barefoot", what I mean is that I no longer use tennis shoes anymore, just my Merrell Barefoot shoes; it was time for another test. As you might recall we somewhat foolishly took a 4 mile hike before we were ready, well weeks later our feet and muscles have been... Continue Reading →

Went For a Drive

You would think that two people whom travel by road as much as we do would never want to go for a drive on their day off. But the call of the Blue Ridge Parkway in early wildflower bloom was just too much. That and the $55 a pop ticket price to the Biltmore Mansion,... Continue Reading →

In My Bare Feet

If you looked at the images here before reading, you're probably wondering why I'm taking photos of shoes. Especially since I don't often promote products here. This isn't really a promotion but more of an explanation, we have started going Barefoot. I'm sure you have seen those funky shoes that go between people's toes around,... Continue Reading →

Our 4th the Tourist Part

Along with spending the weekend with friends and enjoying wholesome activities we also tour a few local hot spots.  Before the grandkids arrived our friend's parents took us on a county-wide tasting.  These are still a little new for us but so much fun.  We started at Veritas Winery where our hosts were members.  You... Continue Reading →

Oh Momma

After leaving the Maryland and DC area we headed for Kansas City, the barbeque capital.  It just so happens that my hometown is not too far out of the way and not only was it Rugby Alumni weekend at WIU but one of Josh's closest friends was turning 30.  So how could we pass up... Continue Reading →


There is just so much fun to be had with a five year old, however I did start to feel a little creepy chasing him around with a camera. This is the park where we got married.  Almost three years ago we exchanged our vows in this gazebo.  It was a perfect day and one... Continue Reading →

Hopping Good Time

I mentioned that we spent Easter weekend with Josh's brother and nephew, well that also included a little egg hunt and other must do Easter activities.  Like trampoline jumping in the windy Illinois weather!  I have to say I was pretty tempted to join them. We soon got down to business and egg hunting.   Instead... Continue Reading →

Big Weekend

After that amazing show in DC we had to head back the Midwest for a wedding. So we loaded up the car and hit the road for Chicago, it's best if one doesn't not look at how far away the East Coast is when doing something crazy like this. After two days on the road... Continue Reading →

DC Again

We made is back to the DC area for our third trip this year. As always it was amazing to see friends and the sites. There was time for both this visit. I finally feel like we have finished the American History Museum and moved on to the Natural History Museum, I was there a... Continue Reading →

Not So Fun Weekend

Well this is how we got things rolling, after days a heavy rains and days of it just raining nonstop, we had to forge through a foot of water to leave work. The rain did not stop until Sunday morning, so it was a very very wet weekend. Also the start of the worst camping... Continue Reading →

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