Oh Momma

After leaving the Maryland and DC area we headed for Kansas City, the barbeque capital.  It just so happens that my hometown is not too far out of the way and not only was it Rugby Alumni weekend at WIU but one of Josh’s closest friends was turning 30.  So how could we pass up a trip to Illinois.

I spend most of the weekend with my mom, shopping, cooking and just hanging out.  We had some grill experiments.  Did you know that you can make Pizza on the grill!!  I’ll tell you how if you want.   We even hit a my favorite kitchen and cooking store, found poaching cups to take my quest to make Eggs Benedict to the next level.

We also got to visit with Aunt Vicki and my grandma, just all around the perfect weekend.  That is because it was also a Rugby weekend.  Josh has not really played in two years, after his wrist was injured.  Every spring the WIU Rugby team hosts a game where there Alumni play the current teams.  It is usually tons of fun and great to see everyone.  We have not been in a few years and with this being the addition of a birthday celebration it was sure to be a good time.

We were not disappointed, so many of the old boys and girls showed up.  I can’t believe how many folks we caught up with.  Mom and I drove over to see Josh play, I have to say he looked good out there.  But I always think he is good.

I have to say that I did feel a little old but still it’s so much fun to relive glory days.

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  1. Gotta love those rugby players – I’m married to one too!! Retired though he may be, he’d still love to get out there and play.

    1. So you’re a Scottie lover marries to a rugby playing Marine! Are you sure that we aren’t the same person. BTW we will be in Roanoke soon.

  2. Great to see so many familiar faces in the WIU Rugby reunion photo, and such big smiles too. Just like I remember all of them!

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