This is the life

Here is the cute little cabin we stayed in last week, the perfect little vacation from hotels every night.  The cabin had electricity so I was able to work from the porch when enjoying the birds (and the neighbors).  Josh was able to break in his fly rod from Christmas.  He went out a couple of times a day, even caught a little guy.  Honestly it was the perfect situation for him, the local hatchery had just stocked the lake and the streams were fly only.  This makes up for the fact that we got stuck in Detroit for a month without rod or real during a salmon run.  This little break was a much-needed recharge, we are going to be on the road for a solid two months.  Right now we are still in Maryland but back in the DC area.

Master Chef Josh whipped us up dinner every night, he has a nach for working with a camp stove.  He is famous in some parts for his fish spice!  If you look closely behind him you will spot our neighbors, they are the ones in the Micky Mouse wizard hats.  Also note the tent that looks very “we live here”. 

Now that is a tator!!!!

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