Was that California or New Zealand?

Josh and I were starting to wonder if somehow we had missed a turn and ended up back in New Zealand. The area around Yosemite shares some very similar features that might just make it worth skipping the 12 hour flight.

First of all the Sierra Nevada’s are majestic like the mountains and striking cliffs in New Zealand. It wasn’t that. First off we passed through fields covered if debris from a powerful volcanic eruption.


Second was the sheep.


Just when I thought is couldn’t get any more strange, a one lane brings pops up!



Call me crazy but I think we time warped.

A Mighty Boulder

Alright these are the last photos from our camping trip but with so many cool places to shoot it was impossible not to take advantage. Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania in home to a large boulder field. Another delightful feature that those pesky glaciers left behind.

We did have to share the surroundings with gaggles of teenagers, troupes of Boy Scout and clusters of families but I think we captured the moment just for us.

It was a bit treacherous to hike out onto the field, the boulders move!!! And my camera is precious to me. I’m sure that we looked like goofballs out there but it was fun.

As if the rocking boulders weren’t hazardous enough, there are pits too. This is Josh doing his impression of a dwarf.

Campsite Photoshoot

Our chosen form of R&R last weekend was a quick camping trip to Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. It has been more than a year since we have went camping together. Oddly enough we each when while on our separate vacations. While we were lounging about I thought it might be fun to set up an impromptu photoshoot. Get some catalog and add style practice. I also have two very cooperative models.

Doesn’t everything coordinate well?!? Now some of that is not total coincidence and I am partial to orange but wow it looks like I planned this. I tried to focus on a different product in each shot. Josh helped by moving labels around.

The Marmot tent was easy, being the largest item in the shot. I placed the Travelocity Gnome in the center to make for easy focus.

Capturing the Pillow Pet and the ENO hammock were a bit tricky. While the ENO hammock has such a distinct look I still wanted the brand to show. The pillow pet got lost in the mix, next time I’ll consider putting Pippi on it. Doesn’t she just look precious?

Coming This Week: July 10 – 16

This week we will be in Selma, AL and Tupelo, MS. Not the most exciting locations but I’m sure that they will surprises me, small towns always do.

Post of the Week: This week I’d like to feature a product review from GoPetFriendly. We’ve featured them before but I thought Amy’s very timely posting about ENO hammocks was too good to pass up. I used Josh’s while shooting for my last Barefoot post. We love it, have used it in the woods, on the boat and I’m sure given enough time Josh could figure out how to put it up on the truck.

We’re so glam!!!

Barefoot Everywhere

I was really hoping to include a shot of me sprinting through the Detroit Airport with my Merrell Barefoot shoes on but when you are racing for a gate that is that farthest thing from your mind so instead we will chat about taking them camping.

So I know some of these shots are cheesy but I just figured out a cool setting on my camera. You can program it to take a huge number of shots on time intervals. I had a photographer use this once when I was modeling years ago. The opportunity for self-portraits is unlimited. I had a blast making these. Got a little over the top in some.

While camping the only activity that that I did not have my Barefoots on for was horseback riding, the rest of the week my feet were tucked inside. They are so comfortable and freeing. I feel lighter with them on, much more stable than throwing on flip flops to walk anywhere. They did get dirty and will be in need of a wash now. My only complaint is that they started to accumulate a bit of sand and dirt inside that was hard to clear out. They sort of got gritty, I think a good brushing out will fix that.

Josh had a similar issue last week when we went canoeing; he chose to wear his Barefoots in the water. After a bit they filled with sediment that he had some trouble cleaning out. It doesn’t make them uncomfortable just feels dirty.

So the solution we have found is too wash them out, first a soak, then a scrub of the inside, follow with a towel out and let them air-dry. It takes about a day for them to completely dry, Josh will often just wear them wet, but that does nothing to help keep them clean. I hope this can help a bit if you too are starting to find that your Merrells are getting smelly.

I’m still loving Barefoot and loving it

***This blog is not sponsored by or connected to Merrell/Wolverine Shoe company. I simply believe in the product and wish to share my experiences.***

Pure Michigan

I’m back in civilization now after spending a week celebrating “Pure Michigan“. If you had followed us around you would have been able to shoot all the footage needed for a new travel ad, it was also all girl power! I spent last week camping with my dear friend Robyn, from college. I’ve talked about her here before; she is the Army Captain who lives in Chicago. Her husband is from a hometown near mine and we often stop to see them on holiday trips. She is currently enrolled in grad school at DePaul and culinary school. Working to save the world one healthy kid at a time. The timing worked out perfectly that she finished both terms and had a week off from her internship. So we hit the trails, lakes and woods for some much needed R&R.

There is no better way to camp out than with a chef! Now I’ve always considered myself to be pretty stilled with a camp stove but wow Shrimp Scampi! Now that is just so far beyond what I expected to dine on. Add a chilled bottle of wine, a roaring fire and we just melted into our chairs. While I was not the chef I certainly was the fire marshal. I was able to get is a blazer going every night even with the wood soaked from rains. The weather as whole cooperated so well, poor Josh was in 100 degree heat all week. She whipped up veggie burger breakfast burritos and of course we had s’mores. One the one rainy day we headed into Ann Arbor for a visit to the delicious Arbor Brewing Company and a little shopping. Hey we are girls remember.

While running around the woods is all fine and good, I’ve got a sailboat in Michigan, one that was itching to be taken out. Well what if I told you that I took the sailboat out by myself! Oh yeah! Now don’t get too excited it was a very calm day and I only put up one sail but heck, I did it. Robyn had never been on a sailboat and she was a great help. I know that Josh is proud of me, although very jealous. He will likely not have a chance to set her out; we are not due back in Michigan until at least October. Even that might not happen.

To wrap up our Pure Michigan holiday we went horseback riding in Hell. Yup that’s not a typo; Hell Michigan was just a few miles from our campground and the closest stable. Nothing too exciting about the ride, it was fun as they usually are, very slow. We did stop in Hell on our way out for ice cream from Screams. All of the businesses in town are over the top Halloween themed, it was a hoot. I even had to buy a souvenir, just couldn’t resist. So I can now say that I’ve been to Hell and back, ha ha ha.

It was a really fun trip, lots of time laughing and talking about our husbands. Just the perfect trip with a girlfriend.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

This is the life

Here is the cute little cabin we stayed in last week, the perfect little vacation from hotels every night.  The cabin had electricity so I was able to work from the porch when enjoying the birds (and the neighbors).  Josh was able to break in his fly rod from Christmas.  He went out a couple of times a day, even caught a little guy.  Honestly it was the perfect situation for him, the local hatchery had just stocked the lake and the streams were fly only.  This makes up for the fact that we got stuck in Detroit for a month without rod or real during a salmon run.  This little break was a much-needed recharge, we are going to be on the road for a solid two months.  Right now we are still in Maryland but back in the DC area.

Master Chef Josh whipped us up dinner every night, he has a nach for working with a camp stove.  He is famous in some parts for his fish spice!  If you look closely behind him you will spot our neighbors, they are the ones in the Micky Mouse wizard hats.  Also note the tent that looks very “we live here”. 

Now that is a tator!!!!