Was that California or New Zealand?

Josh and I were starting to wonder if somehow we had missed a turn and ended up back in New Zealand. The area around Yosemite shares some very similar features that might just make it worth skipping the 12 hour flight. First of all the Sierra Nevada's are majestic like the mountains and striking cliffs... Continue Reading →

A Mighty Boulder

Alright these are the last photos from our camping trip but with so many cool places to shoot it was impossible not to take advantage. Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania in home to a large boulder field. Another delightful feature that those pesky glaciers left behind. We did have to share the surroundings with... Continue Reading →

Campsite Photoshoot

Our chosen form of R&R last weekend was a quick camping trip to Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. It has been more than a year since we have went camping together. Oddly enough we each when while on our separate vacations. While we were lounging about I thought it might be fun to set... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: July 10 – 16

This week we will be in Selma, AL and Tupelo, MS. Not the most exciting locations but I'm sure that they will surprises me, small towns always do. Post of the Week: This week I'd like to feature a product review from GoPetFriendly. We've featured them before but I thought Amy's very timely posting about... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Everywhere

I was really hoping to include a shot of me sprinting through the Detroit Airport with my Merrell Barefoot shoes on but when you are racing for a gate that is that farthest thing from your mind so instead we will chat about taking them camping. So I know some of these shots are cheesy... Continue Reading →

Pure Michigan

I'm back in civilization now after spending a week celebrating "Pure Michigan". If you had followed us around you would have been able to shoot all the footage needed for a new travel ad, it was also all girl power! I spent last week camping with my dear friend Robyn, from college. I've talked about... Continue Reading →

This is the life

Here is the cute little cabin we stayed in last week, the perfect little vacation from hotels every night.  The cabin had electricity so I was able to work from the porch when enjoying the birds (and the neighbors).  Josh was able to break in his fly rod from Christmas.  He went out a couple... Continue Reading →

What A Week

After the amazing week we just had, I have tons of images and stories to share with you. For now you will have to wait we are heading to Mont Pelier. Hopefully we will also make it to a Verizon Wireless so I can get a new Blackberry, The camera failed a week ago and... Continue Reading →

The Tortoise and the Hairy

Once again we were able to slip away for a weekend under the stars. This trip however held a few more adventures then normal. At a nice recreation area just north of Detroit we decided that this would be a water weekend. Beach, sand, sun and fun were on the list. After a nice little... Continue Reading →

Weekend in the Woods, Pt. 2

This being our first trip into the woods there were a few errors made, like forgetting fuel for the camp stove and bugspray. That only added the adventure, we had to cook over coals. It takes a little more work but honestly it was fun. That wasn't even a tiny part of the fun we... Continue Reading →

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