The Tortoise and the Hairy

Once again we were able to slip away for a weekend under the stars. This trip however held a few more adventures then normal. At a nice recreation area just north of Detroit we decided that this would be a water weekend. Beach, sand, sun and fun were on the list. After a nice little hike that lead to Josh getting poison ivy, which lead to a trip to urgent care, we rented kayaks. Neither of us had tried it before. I have to say it was pretty fun and even Pippi started to enjoy it.

Luckily we were more successful with our planning and remembered the fuel for the camp stove. After all the fun we settled in for a nice cool night of dreams and boy was there a surprise waiting for us the next morning!

Our campground was full of turtles, two right next to our tent. Guess we had a great spot because they settled right in. This is just where the fun begins, Pippi didn’t notice them until they started moving towards us. Right for the the tent, they must be very near sited just before they would run into something they would reroute. Right for the next obstacle! Finally that next barrier to freedom was Pippi. She was all fired up until they decided not to run from her.

She didn’t know what to do, but as you can guess she got a little scared and let them pass. Only after a quick butt sniff. Check out the other action shots here.

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