Coming This Week: July 10 – 16

This week we will be in Selma, AL and Tupelo, MS. Not the most exciting locations but I’m sure that they will surprises me, small towns always do.

Post of the Week: This week I’d like to feature a product review from GoPetFriendly. We’ve featured them before but I thought Amy’s very timely posting about ENO hammocks was too good to pass up. I used Josh’s while shooting for my last Barefoot post. We love it, have used it in the woods, on the boat and I’m sure given enough time Josh could figure out how to put it up on the truck.

We’re so glam!!!

2 thoughts on “Coming This Week: July 10 – 16

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  1. Looks nice and comfy!! Hey Pippi, why arent you up there on her lap huh?? She could swing you and you two would be real swingers!!


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