Living Legacy

Now I don’t want anyone to think for a moment that we didn’t enjoy our trip to New Orleans. This city has a culture that is truly unique and stands on it’s own. There is only one place like it. We did enjoy the food and the music; hitting the clubs nearly every night to catch a band or two. My dear friend Candace was in town also and took us to her favorite spots. We spent over a week there but only had shows the last few days. The rest of the trip we filled with fun, like visiting the WWII Museum.

There isn’t really a way to describe the emotions that come up when covering subjects like this. The museum is wonderfully done and incredibly honest. Talking about the destruction along with the amazing developments in technology and patriotic pride. The lose of life, culture and homeland with the horizon being a new world full of hope.

The displays have a great collection of artifacts and multimedia. Many are life-sized and immerse you in the material. One section in particular that stuck with me was learning about the fighting that happened on Hedgerows, as you step around the corner there is an 8 foot tall wall of plants but what takes you a moment to notice are the gun barrels sticking out. A reminder of how brutal combat was.

I was born on December 7th and don’t ever forget what that date means to a generation before mine.

We ended our visit by taking in the 4D film called “Beyond All Boundaries“. This is the key part of the museum’s new message. If you are going to New Orleans this is something you must find time to do. The film is incredibly well done and the entire experience is unforgettable. I should also add that it is emotional, very beautiful but I needed some time after to compose myself.

We are looking forward to coming back after they finish their next expansion project.

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