Big Weekend

After that amazing show in DC we had to head back the Midwest for a wedding. So we loaded up the car and hit the road for Chicago, it’s best if one doesn’t not look at how far away the East Coast is when doing something crazy like this. After two days on the road we hit the Burbs and the home of our good friends, The Wunschels. We all went to college together, Josh played rugby with Karl and I was in the same major program with the two of them. They are one of the couples we have stayed in touch with after graduation. Plus they live in Chicago, makes seeing them easy. The event was a reception for one of my closest friends Robyn. I have written about her before, she is a Captain in the Army. With her and her husband finally being state side it was time to celebrate their three year old marriage.

It was also St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Chi-town! We started the weekend off at of all places a German Restaurant.

Josh and Karl “mugging” for the camera

I don’t know how much of that cookie Josh had and how much Ralphy had.

It was a perfect day, I know most of the brides family and it was amazing to see our friends. It’s not often that we get to hang out with college buddies. It was also nice to feel like we were back in college.

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