How We Roll

It’s not everyday that we pull into the heart of Manhattan with an Escalade and a kitchen trailer. But that’s just what we did after St. Patrick’s Day. Tabasco hosted the “Hangover Headquarters” which included a team a chefs and more press then I have ever seen at an event.
As you can see the lines went down the block waiting to get their free food, big surprise.
The event was not without it’s difficulties, mainly dealing with getting into New York at 4:00 AM and working all day. The scariest thing however was having to back the truck up the wrong way down Broadway. Which also entailed a U-turn while we all blocked traffic. It was crazy but what a successful event it was.

No green beers where had but us on this visit, but we did see lots of people just leaving the bars at 4:00.

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  1. So whats the perfect remedy for a hangover? It might come in handy some day after hiding under the bed with the whiskey bottles.sniffies,Bonnie, the wee Scottie

  2. Funny you ask, a bunch of the reporters were there asking. There were lots of funny answers and so much stuff I would never try. I guess I have to say eggs and Tabasco, wink wink

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