DC Again

We made is back to the DC area for our third trip this year. As always it was amazing to see friends and the sites. There was time for both this visit.

I finally feel like we have finished the American History Museum and moved on to the Natural History Museum, I was there a year ago. It looks like we will need to come back again to really finish this one too. Make it all the way through but had to skim some sections. There is just so much to learn!!!!! For me there is just a sense a awe being there, some many times TV programs talk about items from the Smithsonian collection and there we are. How many people do you know have been able to make in depth trips to more then one!

Time wise this trip was perfect, we spent Halloween with some of our dear friends here and met many new ones. Since this was pretty last minute we had to search our suitcases for costumes. Josh went as a golfer and me as a Lumber Jack, notie the ax Josh made for me. That is my dear friend Elizabeth, one of the biggest reason we come to DC.
It was such a relaxing weekend.

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