Big Weekend

After that amazing show in DC we had to head back the Midwest for a wedding. So we loaded up the car and hit the road for Chicago, it’s best if one doesn’t not look at how far away the East Coast is when doing something crazy like this. After two days on the road we hit the Burbs and the home of our good friends, The Wunschels. We all went to college together, Josh played rugby with Karl and I was in the same major program with the two of them. They are one of the couples we have stayed in touch with after graduation. Plus they live in Chicago, makes seeing them easy. The event was a reception for one of my closest friends Robyn. I have written about her before, she is a Captain in the Army. With her and her husband finally being state side it was time to celebrate their three year old marriage.

It was also St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Chi-town! We started the weekend off at of all places a German Restaurant.

Josh and Karl “mugging” for the camera

I don’t know how much of that cookie Josh had and how much Ralphy had.

It was a perfect day, I know most of the brides family and it was amazing to see our friends. It’s not often that we get to hang out with college buddies. It was also nice to feel like we were back in college.

DC Again

We made is back to the DC area for our third trip this year. As always it was amazing to see friends and the sites. There was time for both this visit.

I finally feel like we have finished the American History Museum and moved on to the Natural History Museum, I was there a year ago. It looks like we will need to come back again to really finish this one too. Make it all the way through but had to skim some sections. There is just so much to learn!!!!! For me there is just a sense a awe being there, some many times TV programs talk about items from the Smithsonian collection and there we are. How many people do you know have been able to make in depth trips to more then one!

Time wise this trip was perfect, we spent Halloween with some of our dear friends here and met many new ones. Since this was pretty last minute we had to search our suitcases for costumes. Josh went as a golfer and me as a Lumber Jack, notie the ax Josh made for me. That is my dear friend Elizabeth, one of the biggest reason we come to DC.
It was such a relaxing weekend.

Not So Fun Weekend

Well this is how we got things rolling, after days a heavy rains and days of it just raining nonstop, we had to forge through a foot of water to leave work. The rain did not stop until Sunday morning, so it was a very very wet weekend. Also the start of the worst camping trip ever.

This lovely getaway was a trip across the border to Windsor Canada and to a small park to camp. After a speedy crossing we were on our way. There were a few fun parts, like a trip into town to walk the art filled shoreline and a tour of the Windsor Distillery. That was a hoot but the real funny was how Josh couldn’t tell the difference between the boys and girls symbols on bathrooms.

From Holland with Love

Now I am a firm believer that this is the perfect way to start your weekend! A sampler from a killer MicoBrewey call New Holland Brewery in Holland, MI set the mood right. With the aid of some liquid relaxants we headed to the beach. I am not a huge fan of sand in the crack but I just wanted to soak up some sun. Josh loves to swim so we thought Holland, MI would be a great place for our day off.
Josh doing him impression of James Bond
One of the other super cool parts of the weekend was this dog park, they had little obstacles and hydrants it was a hoot. We must have come during beard day.

The Tortoise and the Hairy

Once again we were able to slip away for a weekend under the stars. This trip however held a few more adventures then normal. At a nice recreation area just north of Detroit we decided that this would be a water weekend. Beach, sand, sun and fun were on the list. After a nice little hike that lead to Josh getting poison ivy, which lead to a trip to urgent care, we rented kayaks. Neither of us had tried it before. I have to say it was pretty fun and even Pippi started to enjoy it.

Luckily we were more successful with our planning and remembered the fuel for the camp stove. After all the fun we settled in for a nice cool night of dreams and boy was there a surprise waiting for us the next morning!

Our campground was full of turtles, two right next to our tent. Guess we had a great spot because they settled right in. This is just where the fun begins, Pippi didn’t notice them until they started moving towards us. Right for the the tent, they must be very near sited just before they would run into something they would reroute. Right for the next obstacle! Finally that next barrier to freedom was Pippi. She was all fired up until they decided not to run from her.

She didn’t know what to do, but as you can guess she got a little scared and let them pass. Only after a quick butt sniff. Check out the other action shots here.

Weekend in the Woods, Pt. 2

This being our first trip into the woods there were a few errors made, like forgetting fuel for the camp stove and bugspray. That only added the adventure, we had to cook over coals. It takes a little more work but honestly it was fun.

That wasn’t even a tiny part of the fun we had, we went horseback riding!!! This is the first time I have ever ridden a horse, I wasn’t scared just excited like a little girl. I have to say it was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had! We had a very nice guild who set we up with a gentle old girl. It is a good thing that I didn’t get to ride as a kid, I would have been a miserable little girl trying to finagle a horse out of my folks.

The perfect day ended with a trip into the town of Brighten, MI. This little gem was full of yummy restaurants, boutiques and beer! We found a new collar for Pippi and at the restaurant a guy seeing Josh’s Marine hat came over to talk. When he introduced himself as a member of the 3rd Amphibious Assault I nearly screamed. To meet a guy from Josh’s unite is a never occurrence. He was from such a small unite, the guy had served in the 60’s and had tested the AmTrax Josh drove. They chatted about changes and laughed about what didn’t change. It was a very unique experience.

Pippi Guarding the Tent

Look Like Real Wyoming Residents Now!!

Campfire Cooking

Weekend in the Woods, Pt. 1

Taking full advantage of all this downtime while we ramp us to start our new tour, we went camping. Now this was good ol’ out in the wood Minnesota style camping but have no fear with was FULL of good times. Our lazy morning took us to a state park north of the Detroit Metro and just outside a nice suburb. The campground that was available for us car campers was nice semi secluded spot with a lovely little patch of trees around us. Not bad for little planning. The real winner of this weekend was that there was a Pow Wow being help on the grounds. Neither of us had even attended one, so after dinner we headed out.

I have to say it was fun, this was an event sponsored by a Veterans Group, there were lots of families around and just a busy friendly crowd.

They did a special Military Song

Most Native Americans choose to serve in the Marine Corp

This little guy was so much fun to watch, what a dancer

Josh even went into the circle to honor all Veterans!!! Many of the participates came over and chatted with Josh after