Wrong but So Right

I have spoken numerous times about the time demands of this job. That we are often working for weeks with little break and even then it is on the open road. When we first started this job there were many time that we did not take full advantage of this downtime. We vowed to start viewing off time as our time and to do the activities we enjoy. We joined the YMCA so that when traveling we can visit facilities all over the country and enjoy a good workout. ON our last visit home we grabbed some of our camping gear and decided to hit the backcountry whenever possible. We both love to go hiking and camping, For me it clears my head and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Josh is very in his element in the wilderness, a constant problem solver the challenges of backcountry traversing are made for him.

The plan for our nearly five days off was to head to a National Park or two, something that offered seclusion and amazing views. The town of Moab was chosen as a jumping off point due to it’s proximity to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. This would all be after a quick stop at a natural hot spring. One was successfully located on the way there.

The trial we took was a lovely and slightly challenging stroll. The challenge party was due to the snow still on the ground. After about an hour of trekking we were both wondering when the hot spring would appear, it supposedly being 2.5 miles from the trail head. The smell of sulfur hinted the air here and there but nothing. Finally the mystery was solved, another hiking couple was kind enough to tell us that we took the wrong trail. Even without the bath it was still a nice trail. Great way to spend an afternoon.

Next on the list MOAB!!! The Extra Shots

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