Outward Bound

Part two of our adventure was to do an overnight backpack into a National Park, we chose Canyonlands. But first a trip into MOAB and some dinner was required. Since we needed some supplies it made sense to stop for dinner too, our destination was the Moab Brewery. Not only was the food wonderful but the selection of Micros had both Josh and I skimming the menu. We tried four different concoctions.

Canyon Bottem

Canyonlands is a very large park and has three different sections to choose from, we went into the Needles district. The hiking was amazing but one of the most challenging hikes I have done. We basically went down the shear face of a canyon via switch back. By the time we reached the bottom my calves were howling. This was just the started, we had at least four more miles to go to find a camp site. What made this trip a truly unique experience for both of us was the camping, there are no marked campsites with fire rings and tent pads. This is at large, you have to be a mile off the trails and out of site. well what better way to be out of site then to tuck into another canyon. We found a great little spot with some wind protections, set up our new three man tent and settled in. Dinner was a freeze dried chili mac with tea and candy bars for dessert.

We had time to just sit up and let our minds clear, it was incredibly relaxing. Josh took so many pictures of clouds, I have slimmed them down a bit but here are more Utah pics.

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