Inward Bound

After an amazing night of rest, well as restful as one can be with a tear in their sleeping pad, it was time for some oatmeal and six miles of hiking. The trail in was all downhill so out was going to be just as challenging.

Our first mile included an uphill that even off road vehicles need to have lots of speed to make it up. Exhausting!!!!!! But as the top what a view. After we got up there I was glad we had done the other part of the loop first, this was a sharp up and when pretty flat. I was not really as strained to hike this portion. Around every bend in the trail was another spot to peek out and enjoy the views. We walked most of the way back along a canyon edge.

Since we were right there a trip to Arches seamed like a must. It holds some amazing Utah treasures but it is a drive through park and was packed with people starting their Holiday.

Our last stop before heading to back to Salt Lake City was another Microbrewery, Eddie McStiff’s. All of the Utah Pics

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