What I Did on Summer Vacation

Well it wasn't exactly a summer vacation, it wasn't actually a vacation. We have been off tour and off of work for a few weeks. Just returning Monday to do a final show the Library of Congress folks, a thank you to the sponcers. I'm making my way from Minneapolis to Detroit right now in... Continue Reading →

From Holland with Love

Now I am a firm believer that this is the perfect way to start your weekend! A sampler from a killer MicoBrewey call New Holland Brewery in Holland, MI set the mood right. With the aid of some liquid relaxants we headed to the beach. I am not a huge fan of sand in the... Continue Reading →

We’re Back, I Swear

I know that postings have been a little lacking. As much as I love my job it has been stressful as a of late. So many shows and tour changes have had me hitting the hay instead of logging on. It's certainly not due to the fact that we have not been on the road... Continue Reading →

Outward Bound

Part two of our adventure was to do an overnight backpack into a National Park, we chose Canyonlands. But first a trip into MOAB and some dinner was required. Since we needed some supplies it made sense to stop for dinner too, our destination was the Moab Brewery. Not only was the food wonderful but... Continue Reading →

Gone is a Flash

We were home last week but it felt like it was just a dream. I went to bed at our house and work up in a hotel. It was a very productive visit home, closets were cleaned, two loads to Goodwill and a load to take on the road for eBaying. Mailed packages to friends... Continue Reading →

Love My Job

We have only been back on the road for two days but already we are reminded why this job is so amazing.Here is the sunset from the first night we were out.Today we are parked in La Crosse, WI and what an amazing place. I actually think this might be our new home. As for... Continue Reading →

A Few Days Off

From Wisconsin we had some extra time to visit the Storey family in Upstate New York. They live in a huge house in a small town outside Utica. Bernie was there too so it was a double bonus. We spent a good portion of the time hanging out by the fireplace but did find some... Continue Reading →

Man I love Seattle

This tour stop was my second time in Seattle; the first was a sunny spring weekend earlier this year with my buddy Jeff. Since I was coming from my visit home and Josh was drive from Dallas I got there a day early and had a chance to see my good friend Ric Peterson. We... Continue Reading →

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