Love My Job

We have only been back on the road for two days but already we are reminded why this job is so amazing.

Here is the sunset from the first night we were out.

Today we are parked in La Crosse, WI and what an amazing place. I actually think this might be our new home. As for the event it is going so well, we had 1000 guests in the first 6 hours. The number is way over that now. We are here for a Train Show but there is so much else going on that we are just flooded and getting a wonderful response.

Then last night we went to a place called Bodega Brew Pub, they have more then 400 variates of beers. The bartender was so nice and chatted with us. I think the city is so cute too. The pub helps, I had two different wheat’s off the tap and Josh did the new Gonzo Stout from Flying Dog.

So don’t be shocked if I turn into a Cheesehead.

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