Backtracking and Back Home

I got so excited about getting to do the press stuff that I skipped telling you all about my trip back home. Our life has been nuts the past few weeks, well months, we have not had a day off tour in a while. After leaving Washington DC, we went straight to Josh’s folks house for a visit. Not to see his parents but his Grandfather and Uncle where there. A rare treat to see the Wyoming Van Gelders these days. I am quite fond of the Big Bopper, his Grandfather, and made sure we could have time off to see him.

That is only the half of this wonderful week, we took off for Springfield, IL to join the Reflections Tour. This tour is going to be our full time gig once the Lincoln team is back. I often consider Springfield my hometown being that I spent so much time there and much of my family lives there, those cool cousins I talked about. The Reflections tour was set up right next to Lincoln’s Tomb for a week. My mom came up and joined by her sister’s family they toured our new exhibit.

Katie, Mom and Amy giving Abe’s nose a rub

My visit didn’t end there, I went with my mother to Indiana to see my bother and his ever growing family. So for Valentines Day I got to play with my Nephew and Nieces. With my bother being geographically so far from Minnesota I missed a lot of his children growing up but now that we are on the road I see them every few months.

The newest addition to the family, Elizabeth. She is so serious

I brought with me some fun Civil War hats, my mom can rock it out

Yes my bother is a goofball

The oldest, Derrick an amazing little guy. I miss him so much it hurts

Sweet Dorothy

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