Weekend in the Woods, Pt. 1

Taking full advantage of all this downtime while we ramp us to start our new tour, we went camping. Now this was good ol’ out in the wood Minnesota style camping but have no fear with was FULL of good times. Our lazy morning took us to a state park north of the Detroit Metro and just outside a nice suburb. The campground that was available for us car campers was nice semi secluded spot with a lovely little patch of trees around us. Not bad for little planning. The real winner of this weekend was that there was a Pow Wow being help on the grounds. Neither of us had even attended one, so after dinner we headed out.

I have to say it was fun, this was an event sponsored by a Veterans Group, there were lots of families around and just a busy friendly crowd.

They did a special Military Song

Most Native Americans choose to serve in the Marine Corp

This little guy was so much fun to watch, what a dancer

Josh even went into the circle to honor all Veterans!!! Many of the participates came over and chatted with Josh after

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