Went For a Drive

You would think that two people whom travel by road as much as we do would never want to go for a drive on their day off. But the call of the Blue Ridge Parkway in early wildflower bloom was just too much. That and the $55 a pop ticket price to the Biltmore Mansion, sent us winding through mountain passes.

We even stopped at one over look for a little nap, talk about a lazy Sunday. It was very nice just to enjoy the sights and the wind. We did find our way to a Microbrewery too.

So often we try to pack entire weekends worth of fun into our Sunday off, most of the time without getting much relaxation. Laundry must be done, shopping and a long list of “fun”. This tour is really starting to get to us.

6 thoughts on “Went For a Drive

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  1. Hey now Abigail,

    What you are collecting here, with your travels and writing is going to be a great book one day. I dare say you have seen more of your country than most people do in one lifetime.

    Now about your lazy Sunday, thats great to think of you relaxing (even if you did go on a drive) so forget about washing and ironing, I never iron….lol ….

    Hector’s mum

  2. Hey you guys,

    That’s a pretty nice photo of Pippi and mom in the buff over at the Scottish Terrier News!

    (I wouldn’t try that in North Carolina though. TEE HEE!)

    Have fun!

    Arrooooo, Stuart

  3. Saw you both at Scottish Terrier News. Great picture.
    We suppose it is a treat just driving where you want!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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