Making the Short List

You can imagine that with all the cities we visit there are bound to be a few we really enjoy, some that we could even imagine living in. There exists a list between Josh and I that we would consider moving to if a job came along. Some of those places are La Crosse, WI; Dubuque, IA, NC; Jackson Hole, WY; Portland, OR and now Asheville, NC.

While we only had four short days in Asheville, she showed us something. With wonderful restaurants, seven breweries and a thriving downtown if felt alive and comfortable. We spent most evenings sitting on the patio of a restaurant watching residents hustle and bustle. The town itself is seated in a bowl keeping the summers cool and winters mild.

There was music everywhere and a community thick with people enjoying it. One park in the downtown just for Drum Circles, anyone can come play a happy noise. I’m not sure that there is an end to things going on. After a few days of feeling like the city went on forever we realized that it was still a small town, just felt big.

You’re just minutes from mountains and white water rivers. It has got to be one of the most dog friendly cities we’ve been too. Having a primped little purebred like we do is a out of fashion however.

The people are nice, most North Carolinians are. Who knows where we will end up when the road life comes to an end but I can tell you if Asheville came calling I’d listen.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

8 thoughts on “Making the Short List

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  1. I have not traveled to many places in the States- it sounds like you guys are in the *perfect* position to figure out exactly where you want to end up. You will have had a chance to test drive all kinds of cities!

  2. That sounds like a great list. What ever you do, stay OUT of Illinois unless you want to be taxed to death, harbor other state senators and live in a bankrupt state!! LOL

    Jazzi and Diana

  3. Hi All!

    Still abashed at your line

    “Having a primped little purebred like we do is a out of fashion however…”

    Pippi will have to show them what fashion is!!

    Bonny and Lucy

    PS: At least they like dogs!

  4. Sorry I couldn’t make it over to see you and the purebred (lol), however, I did put off tornado cleanup for a trip to Knoxville to pick up another rescue. I guess we’ll see you in the fall…


  5. Your primped little purebred is gorgeous… she’s definitely NOT out of style… the rest of those people are just jealous!

    from Jake and Albert

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