Hello and Goodby

Our nutty summer is coming to an end and we are getting back to normal, normal for us.  Josh and I have been bouncing between tours for months now, spending the last two weeks on different trucks; Monday we met back up.  I was in Indy and drove to get him in Springfield, IL; where my father still is.  We were able to spend a day with him and mom at the hospital.  The team there is work through all the issue popping up here and there but his pain is being managed and physical therapy is going well.  His strength gives out before his pain gets him!!!  There are still some trouble with his heart but we take the good with the bad.  It was so hard to leave.

We are also saying goodbye to the Reflections Tour, it is currently sitting in the shop being taken apart and moved into shipping crates.  We have worked on the truck for more than a year and it has a special place in our hearts.  This was the first truck we got to take ownership of.  It has not been easy and there were many set backs but I am so glad we had a chance to work on something like this.  The content alone was tough to work on. I am sure we would be sad if there was time to dwell on the end but as soon as we did our final walk through there was a packet of info about our next tour handed over. We have just a few weeks to prepare for the launch of the Library of Congress national tour. There is lots to learn, lots to plan and lots of work. I have posted the schedule for our first 5 weeks out but I have a hint of the next 20! Good news is we will hit so many of your states. Minnesota, Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, and tons more! Get ready folks here we come.

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  1. I hate to hear that your Dad is still in the hospital – I know he is getting tired of that.

    Maybe we’ll get to see you in Virginia – that would be so cool!!

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