Small World

What Josh and I do for a living is very specialized and unique. I am sure lots of you still have not figured it out for sure. We work in event marketing, the mobile exhibit side, we manage traveling museums while traveling with them. We are also truck drivers, sort of, it takes a semi tractor to haul the trailer that is our exhibit. If you go to the about page on this site you will see our current tour.

Moving on, since this is so specialized it’s a small network of folks that do this and we often meet folks that haul trucks for musicians. Our company has a mobile gym that gets leased out to all kinds of folks. So last week when we set up the tour bus of Randy Travis, Josh thought he recognized the tractor pulling Randy’s equipment trailer. Well it turns out we know that guy! He has in the past moved out gym trailer for a different celebrity.  Josh once had to deliver that trailer to him.  Pretty exciting for us to actually run into a friend inside the industry out on the road.

Keep on truckin Bud!

6 thoughts on “Small World

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  1. Randy Travis! How exciting is that!!!! What part of Colorado were you guys at? My son lives just outside of Denver and, you are right, it’s a glorious state.

    I’m still hoping that one day you will truck on out here to Central California and all of us Scotty people can get together.

    Stay safe!

  2. Hi, found your blog today – love the story being a fellow adventurer, but on the other way of the world, I love reading other peoples stories. Have added your RSS feed looking fwd to reading more 🙂

  3. Wow, what an interesting way to make a living! We agree that it is so much fun to meet friends when you’re on the road – we’ve had a blast meeting some of our “virtual” friends from Twitter and Facebook on this road trip.

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