Rocky Mountain High

Life is still pretty crazy but getting some of that out last week really helped.  My dad is still in the hospital but dramatically improving, today we moved without a walker and we are going to see him next week.  Josh and I are not currently on the same tour.  I am working on Reflections again and he is till out with the medical tour.  We spend all day together and now for a week we have been separated, it’s kind of strange.  Before I left for Reflections we spent some time in Colorado.  When the rest of you all were dieing in the humidity we were cool and clear, it was an amazing week.  There was even some time to go for a hike.

It was really a great day, Josh just gushed about how the mountain air did him good.  Just to be outdoors and have some fun was just what he needed.

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  1. Hello there Abigail, Josh and Pippi

    Been wondering about you. Lovely beautiful post, your shots of Colorado look lovely. Oh and the one of Pippi? It is a real winner! The red harness(?) really looks good against her coat and what a cut. Do you do that yourselves? Every now and again I get the scissors out and “have a go” but always wish I hadn’t…lol. There is a knack to the scottie look.

    Glad to hear your dad improving, knew he would but it has been a worry especially with you being so far away. Now all is improving and we are very glad to hear this.

    Best Wishes

    Hector’s hooman

    1. We have a groomer in Detroit, I can’t even cut Pippi’s nails. However if she is left alone with Josh for to long she trims off her brows, grrrr!

      We had to order that Puppia Harness but I love it, she often wears that on the sail boat (on calm days). She used to have a regular style but it rubbed sores on her pits while hiking. We call it her sports bra, lol

      Glad you like the shots, we had a blast with the delay timer.

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