Big Changes!!!

The economic woes have finally hit our company, a few layoffs were announced today as well as a shuffle of tours. I am sad to say that the Lincoln Tour is now permanently gone, it is being torn down. Our tour, Reflections, is now off the road. Josh and I have come out safe here,... Continue Reading →

Friends In Real Life

The beauty of blogging is that you connect with so many for from so far, we all say this. However it is a special treat when you get to meet these inspiring fellow blogheads in person. Last week was one of these rare occasions. The Abraham Lincoln Blogger, Geoff Elliot, came to meet us in... Continue Reading →

Howdy Partner

We are moving to Wyoming!!!!! First step was to get a mailbox in Cheyenne, we have just a little bit of paperwork left and boom! We did this while on our visit to Cheyenne, what a wonderful city.Our show with Reflections was hosted in Cheyenne for just two days but stayed there four. After missing... Continue Reading →


I was going to write today about our visit to Cheyenne but I need to vent a little instead. Today while heading towards Salt Lake City from Cheyenne we got caught in a white out. Even though we hit heavy lake effect snow once in New York this was the worst. There were gusts of... Continue Reading →

Launching a New Blog

As part of our recent promotion at work we are sharing our ideas to aid in the success of Reflections. This morning we were given permission to launch a blog for the tour. Josh will be the main writer and it will be mostly about where we are going and the events we do. I... Continue Reading →

That’s Hot

Sometimes you just have to cut loose, this Eclipse was the same rate as the midsize but much more fun. It was not comfortable in the slightest. We have some big news, Josh and I were made field managers of a tour. We will be doing the planning, logistics, coordinating and just about anything you... Continue Reading →

Backtracking and Back Home

I got so excited about getting to do the press stuff that I skipped telling you all about my trip back home. Our life has been nuts the past few weeks, well months, we have not had a day off tour in a while. After leaving Washington DC, we went straight to Josh's folks house... Continue Reading →

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