Howdy Partner

We are moving to Wyoming!!!!! First step was to get a mailbox in Cheyenne, we have just a little bit of paperwork left and boom! We did this while on our visit to Cheyenne, what a wonderful city.

Our show with Reflections was hosted in Cheyenne for just two days but stayed there four. After missing a huge snow storm that left a 50 car pile up outside of town, I was glad we took our time getting there. Our truck was set up right in on the plaza in front of the Train Depot. The hotel that we stayed at was call The Plains Hotel and what a place. It was so nice, our room was huge and the food at the restaurant was some of the best we had in town. I am not saying we didn’t have a bad meal there however. I might even be inclined to say that we had the worst meal in Cheyenne too.

Since we had extra time to get to Salt Lake City staying Monday to play was a must. Shopping was on the list and a perfect place to hit was a Cowboy store called the Wrangler. Josh got a shirt and I attempted again to pick out boots.

Due to that huge accident before we got there it was slim pickings at the Rental place but I think we scored. It’s no Eclipse, but hey beggars with no reservation can’t be choosers.

Even thought I am glad we stayed the extra day it would have been nice to have missed that storm.

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