Bringing it Home

After working on the road for two years we finally had a chance last weekend to make a tour stop in the Twin Cities, a place we called home for the six years prior to taking this job.  Not only was this a our first opportunity to share the exhibit and explain our job better, but the show was a couple of block from the house we still own.  Josh and I were both looking forward to seeing everyone and having a nice visit. 

I was surprised at how many friends showed up, I think curiosity got them.  Our first night back we went to the happy hour after rugby practice to see the Pigs, they were going to a tournament in Iowa for the weekend.  A group of guys stopped by on their way to see the truck. 

Even Josh’s sister came down to see us and brought her boys.  I think they were more interested in the model truck we have displayed than us.  My wonderful sister in law even gave up most of her Mother’s Day so that we could have  a visit.  I have to say I am thankful, the fish chowder she made was divine!  Made me reminiscent of the biweekly dinners we used to have. 

One last very special visitor came to see us, WILLA, and her forever family Kieth and Gwen.  We have grown close over the year and a half they have had Willa.  She is still a spunky little girl and looked so good.  I mentioned Keith just a couple of days ago, he is the Navy Vet.  They are very special people in our lives but this was not their first time in our truck..  A year ago they were at a choir competition with one of their daughters just next door to our show in La Crosse, WI. 

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  1. I remember the day I woke up at your home and thought it would be nice to take the two dogs out for a walk before you got up.
    Willa took off like a shot and Pippi was hot on her heals. Down the line and around a fence, up the street and around a corner. Both at top speed. I managed to catch up to them about a mile from your house and carried them both back home for fear they would do it again.
    About that time you and Josh were getting up and I staggered in with two dogs under my arms.
    “Just walking the dogs”
    Of course it was Willa that instigated that show, but Pippi was happy to play along.
    “Killer Dog”

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