What is it that you do?

We have recently added new readers and thought it might be nice to explain a little about what we do for a living, a job that puts us on the road more than 320 days a year. For the past two years we have worked for a Detroit based mobile marketing company called MRA, Mobility Resource Associates. That is one reason you often hear us mention Michigan, we spend some of our year working in the shop there. MRA specializes in outfitting and operating custom built double expandable semi trailers. The trailers have a seven foot slid out on each side that give the interior about 1000 sq ft of exhibit space once deployed. The trailers can house anything; we have made trucks into things like gyms, showrooms, lounges and of course museums. That is what Josh and I usually work with, the open to the public museum trucks. We are currently working on the Library of Congress: Gateway to Knowledge Tour. Our work keeps us busy, moving and happy. We feel very fortunate to have found this career.

So what do I actually do? Other than answering with a simple everything; it’s very difficult to describe my job. I am a field manager, my role includes but is not limited to setting up events, working with clients, photographing event, taking to media (a huge part on this tour), welcoming guests to the exhibit, answering questions about the tour and the subject matter, interacting with student groups who visit, writing blogs for clients, writing reports and whatever else needs to be done. Oh and we do all the setup of the trailers exterior and interior. Josh is a driver/docent; his job includes the important step of driving the semi, parking, cleaning, repairing of the exhibit. Along with that he also greets guests, works with student and takes photographs. He used to be a social studies teacher so he is often tasked with creating programs for students.

There is no typical day but that is the best part. We work long hours and weekends, there are no sick days. We do take vacations away from the truck and take advantage of any free time, on this tour free time only comes on Sundays. Hopefully I have helped to answer some questions about our job; well it’s more than that it is a lifestyle.  Do don’t really live anywhere, the semi is home.  We don’t sleep there, our evenings are spent in hotels.


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  1. It is a fun and interesting job and you both do it well.
    Hey! is that my lil sis looking out the cab window?? She must be looking for me!! Awww how cute. Give her a HUG from us ok?


  2. I don’t know why you’re not coming up in my reader anymore – sometimes blogger belches, I guess.

    That picture of Pippi in the semi is one of my all time faves! I took one of Lilly in my truck that looked a lot like it and accidentally erased it from my camera – I was going to do a blog about her “Pippi” look.

    Hope all is going well and you’re not having to endure too much bad weather or fog.

  3. Hi Abigail and Josh….
    Madi and I dropped by to catch up with you two since we met you on Jazzi’s blog. We are sorry to hear you have been sick.
    There are bugs every where right now it seems and they are all nasty. Take care of yourselves.
    Madi and Mom

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