2010 Review

I try to share at the end of each year interesting facts, well I find them interesting, about our travels.

In 2010 we:

Were on six different tours: Reflections the American Funeral, Tabasco Hangover Headquarter, Ortho East, Ortho West, Meijer Virtual Playground and Library of Congress Gateway to Knowledge

We traveled to 31 states, this includes both coasts

Our travels took us across the country racking up 45,962 miles

We hosted more than 74 shows over the last year

My favorite show was hosting Reflections at just at the foot of the National Capital Building in Washington DC – All things came together to create a perfect show

My favorite place visited this year was the USS Constitution in Boston; Josh’s was Minuteman National Park

I published or had published 255 posts on four different blogs

I had 2 images of Pippi published this year; however there are now other images of her published

Not only did we start a Twitter account (TheVanGelders) but Pippi has one too (PippiTweets)

We started a Facebook Page

We have had numerous images are articles published throughout the year for work

We met up with three other Scottie Bloggers

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  1. WOW~~sounds like you had a really busy and fun 2010.
    Hopefully you can come to Illinois again so I can see my lil sis again!!! 🙂


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