The USS Constitution

On our first visit to Boston we walked our tour and decided not to push on to see that USS Constitution but regretted it.  That trip was a sore spot for some time and not getting to experience this was disheartening.  Josh’s parents had made the tour years before and raved about the ship and museum.  So early in the morning we packed up the cameras and headed out.  I think one of these days I will chat about my camera and gear, I have two of the most amazing camera bags you will find!!!!  The wait for the long tour was only about 30 minutes and SO worth it.  We were greeted by an active duty sailor told a little about him and his job; sorry MOS 🙂  He was stationed there after serving multiple tours in combat, as a cook.  My grandfather was a cook in the Army.  He did earn a little street cred for that but who cares he was so charismatic.  One of the sailors on the ship was stationed there right out of boot camp.  Heck I would have joined that Navy had I known I could have been a tour guild!!!!  To serve and well to serve.  I love it.


Josh posed with the canones, sorry guns once a canon leaves soil it becomes a gun.  I wonder how many shots we have of Josh next to weapons.  I am actually thinking of starting a new page here for our followers to submit their cannon shots to us.  Poor Josh is so good about getting my shots, we got a tip a long time ago that folks don’t want to look at vacation photos that don’t have someone in them and since my life is a vacation I try to keep to that.  Josh is a very talented shooter in his own right but I carry the camera and enjoy it.  To Josh photography is part of work. 

This is was a guild; so great!!!


I just couldn’t resist snapping this one, being a sentimental patriotic fool at times.  Folks that’s my Marine on the ship that served us. 

Yeah I know I’m blurry but darn I looked cute that day.  This was an experience that will stick with me for so long.  We also visited the museum.  It was wonderful but for kids, the information was very general.  What I mean is that we didn’t spend much time there; however the museum is wonderful is you are bringing kids!!!!

4 thoughts on “The USS Constitution

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  1. We loves the men in uniforms too.

    Pictures look great! (Now we know why – you guys is pros with kit and lenses and stuff).

    Keep on enjoying the tour, we do!


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