Playing Solider

Soon after taking this job we passed by a park that was full of tanks, helicopters and bunkers.  While going by at 60 mph I didn’t really see what it was but knew that it looked fun.  Last week we were taking an exit to our hotel when lo and behold there it was, The Army Heritage Center!!!  Upon second glance it looked even more fun.  Getting up bright and early we packed up and headed over, it is not well marked and is pretty hard to find.  The only signs we found were on the highway, lucky for us we have a GPS.  The first three months we had this job we spend without a GPS and a Blackberry, barbaric I know.  Those two items changed my life for the better.  Moving on…..

The Army Heritage Center is an interactive full size display park; you are treated to immersive displays that follow the history of the Army from the Revolutionary war.  It’s all fixed along a mile long path.  The Revolutionary War section features two buildings, one a post cabin and one a pub.  The pub even has an armory section and barrels of supplies.  Each building and section has a nice written display as well and of course there is a cannon.  The best part, in my opinion was the bunker, a model of one that George Washington took; you can see Josh and Pippi celebrating victory.

WWI and WWII where close together and resemble a camp, including and obstacle course and mess hall.  Defiantly enjoyed the Vietnam display.  I swear is was 10 degrees warmer over there and suddenly muggy.  You are ringed in with barbed wire and tin bunkers.  The entire area is connected by plank paths so you can image it being all mud.  Coming up into the watchtower gives you a look at the camp below and the area which one would be exposed too.  We wrapped up by walking through a WWI trench, amazing to think of the time our troops spent in those, and living eating and dying there.

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