Boston Art

Boston was good to us this time, our last visit was not so great.  Boston actually was on our worst list.  The cost of being here has not gone down but at least this time we had some fun.  After leaving Concord we moved a bit closer to the city and made a plan for visiting some area attractions.  First on the list was The Museum of Fine Arts.  I don’t often balk at admission costs but $20!!!!! I thought that was a little high but forked it over only to immediately learn that admission would be free tomorrow.  Then again have you ever gone to a museum on a free day, yikes it’s not a great way to experience something for the first time.  I am going to get the complaints off my chest right away and move on to the amazing beauty.  They charged us $20 for a museum that was HALF closed, yes half they are doing construction.  GRRRRRR

The second floor is filled with hallways and galleries packed with artifacts and treasures of lost civilization.  These are the carvings and tokens left behind that give us a window into those lives.  What we leave behind, what we see as important to note is just that, important.  I love to see how jazzed an archeologist gets about graffiti.  I take pride in my blog and tweets, someday this will be a part of what is studied.

There is always going to be something that sticks with you, this statue greats you before stepping into a stunning gallery of Buddhas, each one set with reverence and an explanation of the who they represent.  Yes there are different Buddhas but not like you might think, they each represent a different stage in his life.  The last room in the gallery is a temple, truly a place to reflect.  I felt it disrespectful to take photos in there.

This shot is for Josh’s sister, a Degas Fan.  The Impressionist gallery is always a fun ride, you never know where you are going to get sucked into.   We truly had a wonderful day here and would come back but only if there are discount tickets to be had.

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