Giddy Up

This post was a week in the making, certainly not for its greatness but that I “lost” the images.  How does a person misplace digital images?  Well a person might have forgotten that they loaded said images onto a backup card and then labeled them as work images.  Then one might have loaded that entire group of images to the company server and without a thought didn’t look there for three days.  So ladies, to be named later, thank you for your patience and here we go.

I’ve got a great little story for you, not as heart tugging as the Library Dogs but about as sweet.  Our recent visit to St. Joseph, MO was perched to be a busy one, not only is it home to a good buddy of mine from college but the town has a slew of interesting museums.  While this tour schedule is very demanding we have made a dedication to break away from the truck for some enrichment when possible.  Not only is St. Jo home to the Glore Psychiatric Museum but the National Pony Express Museum is there.  The latter that was top on my list, a favorite story that Josh’s grandfather, The Big Bopper as we call him, tells is of when he participated in a Pony Express commemorative ride.  It starts with making a bet against the local Post Master in Schell WY.  I might have an opportunity to add that story to the Pony Express newsletter.  With there being this much interest on my part and Sunday hours at the museum how could I resist.  Then something very special happened.  I met the Verbick Family, conversation quickly turned to the St. Jo community and my interest in seeing the Pony Express Museum.  You can imagine that how delighted I was to hear that the youngest Verbicks are Jr. Tour Guilds and would be at the gallery later that day.  Well, arrangements were made and I scooted out in the afternoon, thanks to Josh taking over alone, to downtown St. Jo.

I was delighted to find my guilds Chloe and Julia waiting to give me a wonderful tour.  There mom Lesa joined in and after snapping a few shots (aren’t they dolls) we got started.  The first gallery is a life size re-creation of Pike’s Peak Stable, where the first rider set out on his epic journey.  In addition to the rider you also peak into the blacksmith shop and stables.  This small area used to make up the entire exhibit until 1993 when they were able to expand, more than doubling the exhibit space.  One element that really stuck with me was the wonderful integration of the archeology and multi-source displays.  Next to dioramas (with scents!) you’ll find is a full scale wagon with oxen, not to be outdone by the working ground well and saddles for younger guests to climb on.  There are buildings to walk around, play areas, artifact collections and so so so many interactive elements. If your kids aren’t into looking at display how about tapping out Morris coed on a working telegraph!  This place was a blast and much of that can be attributed to my hosts.  I want to thank Lesa and the girls for sharing their time with me.  St. Joseph is lucky to have these native daughters.  I better watch out for Chloe she’ll be after my job soon.

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  1. Abagail,
    It was lovely to have the Library of Congress Gateway to Knowledge exhibit in St. Joseph, MO! Our favorites were the displays on Thomas Jefferson’s library storage method (that he didn’t use at home) and the display showing the changes/corrections on the Delcaration of Independence.

    Thank you for engaging with our daughters, Chloe and Julia. They have talked about their special tour with Mrs. Van Gelder with their friends and family. It is encouragement to them (and to us) to have others interested in history of any sort, but especially US history. Our sincere thanks for being excited and sharing that with us.

    And a hearty, St. Joseph, MO “Thank You!” to Josh for holding down the fort for you to visit the Pony Express. Looking forward to keeping in contact with you.

  2. Abagail,
    I live just a little ways from St.Joseph, and I have
    no memories of that place, though I’m sure I’ve
    gone there before. It looks like you had a blast
    there, though, so I think a road trip is needed.
    Gah, I miss you guys! Hope the rest of the tour
    goes great. (:

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