Coming This Week 01.23-29

Coming this week:

We have shows in Rolla, MO and Hot Springs, AR; both of which will be packed with school groups. I just posted an updated calendar, announcing a series of shows in Texas.  Please check and let me know if you can see us.

We are both healthy and have a museum to talk about.

Links of the week:

My dear friend Lynn over at Rocky Creek has started a new blog.  Not that I don’t love her pups, one of these days I’m going to run away with Lilly, but its wonderful that she is sharing her amazing wisdom and spirit.  Another part that makes this project so special is that my other dear friend Diana whom owns Jazzi inspired this.

My favorite post this week come from Ree at RockMad.  She usually gives us the most juicy and tantalizing posts about life as nomadic spirit in Australia but decided to share a post about her love of the written word.  I, like Ree love to write letters, send cards and of course receive them.  I love to send letters, cards and postcard and the like, I carry stamps, note cards and stationary in a folder with me.  So that if the mood strikes I’m ready.  A few years ago I read a book called “Gift of a Letter“, it changed how I see relationships.  I hope that Ree inspires you too.

3 thoughts on “Coming This Week 01.23-29

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  1. Hey Sis!!
    Yah Lynns blog is fun. We would all like to run away with Lily!! what a 3 some we would make, we would tear the place up!! BOL


  2. Hi Van Gelders,

    Thanks for the shoutout on your blog. I’m enjoying this new blog a lot and seeing a different side of my “dog” friends.

    Travel safe.

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