Goodbye Ol’ Blue

Not only was today’s event in St. Joseph a smash success but it marked an exciting moment for me.  It’s new vacuum time!  Now that doesn’t sound terribly exciting but out here each morning begins with cleaning the trailer for that day’s show.  Walls need dusted and wiped down; woodwork cleaned; and alas the carpet vacuumed.  Always a nasty task, we park in lots, in parks and as of late in snow.   So my carpets get full of crap; salt, sand, rocks, mud and who knows.  Our vacuums get put to the test and have a pretty short life.  Ol’ Blue has been with us since September, there for our first show in Washington, our first blizzard in Wisconsin and the ice storm in Indiana.  Most vacuums never see the kind of conditions ours face daily, so the day comes when they start to show wear in the brush, clogs or just stop working. They also start to become a source of frustration. We take a great deal of pride in the presentation of our exhibits and when a member of the team is not meeting standards its time to make changes.

So we say goodbye to Ol’ Blue and hello to The Bissell Babe.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Ol’ Blue

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  1. Oh the new Bissell huh?? Hey Lil sis~~Do you like this thing?? Do you put bite marks on it?? hehehe You are probably better than I am, I have marks on mine!! LOL


  2. Congrats on the new team member. Does Pippi like this one?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    When we have to update, we may be asking for advice!

  3. Our crew all hates the vacuum – especially Piper and there are bite marks all over it. I can however recommend the Dyson Animal – it’s great for dog hair and everything else.

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