All This Junk

One of the not-so-fun parts about going back to the company’s headquarters in Detroit to wrap up a tour is moving out of the semi.  When we turn the truck in for repairs and maintenance we have to also take all of our stuff out of it.  Since we have been in that tractor for an entire year we had a ton of stuff.  The last time we had to do this is, it turned into an entire afternoon and two runs to the store for storage totes.  I’m certain that don’t have less this time but less of the items that we don’t use.  It took about three hours to pack it all up and clean the inside.  This is also the time we take to get rid of worn out or underused items.  I like to wear a brand of used called Jambu (J-41) for set-up, they are comfy, have a protected toe and are tough.  However I’m super hard on them and this pair was just about done for.  Why pack them up when they are nearly trashed?

We also go through all the boxes in our closet at the company apartment, tossing out the clothes and others items that you just won’t use anymore.  I often get asked about how we deal with clothes on the road, we buy new ones.  Having such a small wardrobe and using hotel machines to launder, that does not bode well for the life of an item.  When you are tired of it, toss it and go to Target.

So one garbage bag and two for Goodwill later we were all set for another year on the road.  I’m writing this from my folk’s house and totally forgot to pack warm enough clothing.  Oh well I guess Mom and I will have to go shopping!!!!

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  1. Actually, as someone who lives in a house crammed with I-may-need-that-sometime stuff, I envy you the ability to make the decision to throw out things!!!

    Enjoy your family.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella (and their PA)

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