I Said NO, Not Snow

The following post is inspired by Josh's request that I share some of the sucky aspects of the job, winter shows. While our job is pretty awesome and we both love it; we definitely adhere to the "the show must go on". So when it started snowing the morning of our show and kept it... Continue Reading →

That Face

I'm starting to feel a little bad for those of you out there who follow us to hear about the museums and fun history sites we visit.  Our tour with the Library of Congress is so busy right now that there is little time to do fun stuff like that.  Do not fear my followers... Continue Reading →

Our Calendar

I put updates up on our calendar, at least until years end. If you see us in your area please let me know! There have been a few folks get back to me with when are you coming to me, well I don't have an official schedule for 2011 but I know we will be... Continue Reading →

Saturday Nights Alright

Here's a little of how my Saturday night went. We worked a pretty long day at the West Virginia Capital Complex with GtK.   I did three TV interviews and welcomed guests all day, however it was a pretty normal day.  That is until the capital's facility manager stopped by to take us on extra... Continue Reading →

Look Who It Is

I spy a First Lady, not just any First Lady but the most famous Scottie Mom in history, yes folks that's Laura Bush!!!  How did I get a shot of Laura Bush, well she stepped out of her SUV right in front of our exhibit and like a goofy teenager I ran to snap a... Continue Reading →

We Are Launched!!!

I was going to post last night about the twelve hour day we had, the hours in the shop putting loose ends to bed, then about the 300 some miles we trekked.  In an attempt to convey the exhaustion and excitement from the last week of long hours we planned to share stories of building... Continue Reading →

In the Home Stretch

It's just days now until Josh and I launch out for our tour with The Library of Congress, it's called Gateway to Knowledge.  I can't post any pics yet but I can share some of our excitement.  We always felt it was such an honor to travel with the Abraham Lincoln exhibit but it is... Continue Reading →

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