In the Home Stretch

It’s just days now until Josh and I launch out for our tour with The Library of Congress, it’s called Gateway to Knowledge.  I can’t post any pics yet but I can share some of our excitement.  We always felt it was such an honor to travel with the Abraham Lincoln exhibit but it is even better.  With Lincoln we were just backups, the secondary team, not with LOC we are the main crew.  Right now Josh and I will be out for 5 weeks, but I am not worried that it will extend.  The Library has to secure funding to keep going and the sponsoring foundation wants to make sure they like what we are doing first.  You know us, they will LOVE it!!!!  Our launch event is this Saturday in DC on the National Mall at the National Book Festival.  Nothing like betting thrown into an event with 10,000 guests to make sure you’ve got your stuff together.  As exciting as this all is I am incredibly nervous, this is a huge tour.  I thought I did lots of media before, huh!  I can share with you all the first 8 stops and will put the rest out ASAP.

Sept 25 – Washington DC – National Book Festival
Sept 27-28 – Winchester, VA – Museum of the Shenandoah Valley
Sept 30 – Cumberland, MD – Canal Park
Oct 2-3 – Charleston, WV – Cultural Center
Oct 5-6 – Marietta, OH – Marietta College
Oct 8-9 – Twinsburg, OH – Twinsburg Public Library
Oct 12-13 – Oberlin, OH – Oberlin College
Oct 15-16 – Troy, OH – TBD
It’s exciting and stressful, wonderful and crazy, it’s going to be a fun year!!

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